YNU Learning Management System

The YNU-LMS is a web-based tool with following multiple functions. Please note that not all lectures/seminars make use of the YNU-LMS. For use of the YNU-LMS, please follow the instructions of your teacher.


Main Functions

  • Presentation of learning materials (Materials, Report, Test, Questionnaire, Message Board)
  • Execution of Course Materials
  • Manage Attendance
  • Evaluation of learning materials (Report, Message Board)
  • Manage Attendance
  • Final grade evaluation
  • Communication between teachers and students (FAQ, Q&A, Messages)


YNU Learning Management System URL



Quick Start (Japanese):For Teacher / For Student

Operation Manual (English) :For Teacher / For Student

How to do Provisional Registration


Faculty and staff Note

Course status: Use allowed

If “Use not allowed” is selected for “Course status,” the course is not displayed on the students’ screens.

After completing the course preparation, change the status to “Use allowed” so that the students can use the contents.

  1. After logging in, your course list will be displayed.
  2. Click a course name from “Course List” on the [HOME] screen to display the [Create Lecture] screen.
  3. Click [Course Settings] in the “Setting” menu.
  4. Click the [Basic Information] tab.
  5. You can select “Use allowed / Use not allowed” for the course status, so select “Use allowed” and “Register”.
  6. The message “Course Settings (Basic Information) registration has completed” is displayed.
Update of student information

After the course registration period is over, students who have registered for the course through the Academic Affairs Information System will be registered for the course.

  1. After logging in, your course list will be displayed.
  2. Click a course name from “Course List” on the [HOME] screen to display the [Create Lecture] screen.
  3. Click [Manage Students] in the “Setting” menu.
  4. Click [Updated student information].
  5. The message “Student information has been updated.” Is displayed.


Faculty and staff Addition of teachers and TAs

If necessary, add a faculty member or TA (Teaching Assistant) other than yourself.

Adding teaching staff
  1. Click Course Settings in the “Setting” menu.
  2. The [Course Settings] screen is displayed.
  3. Click the [Teaching Staff] tab.
  4. Click Add Teaching Staff.
  5. The [Select User] screen is displayed.
  6. Enter the conditions and click Search.
  7. Search Results are displayed.
  8. Mark the checkbox for the teaching staff to be registered.
  9. Click Select.
  10. The message “Teaching Staff registration has completed” is displayed.
Adding TAs

To add a TA (Teaching Assistant), add “Role” and then add the target user to the role.

* You no longer need to apply to the Information Infrastructure Center.

Adding a role

  1. Click Add Role on the [Course settings (teaching staff)] screen.
  2. The [Course settings (teaching staff)] screen is displayed.
  3. Click Register new role.
  4. Enter the “Role code,” “Role name,” and other necessary information.
    There is a role template. When you select a template, “Allowed / Not Allowed” is automatically set.
  5. Click [Register].
  6. The role is registered.

Adding a user

  1. Click [Add] for the target role.
  2. The [Select User] screen is displayed.
  3. Enter the conditions and click [Search].
  4. [Search Results] are displayed.
  5. Mark the checkbox for the user to be registered.
  6. Click Select
  7. Registration is complete and the [Course settings (teaching staff)] screen is displayed. “Number of Students” is increased to “1.”
  8. Click Return.
  9. The TA is added.


Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot log in to the system.

Log in with your YNU login ID and password. You cannot log in with your YNU email account.
Not available during system maintenance.

I cannot see my course.
  • Students Contact the faculty member teaching the class as he or she may not yet have enabled you to access the learning Management System. Remember to sign up for the class in the Educational Affairs Information System.
  • Faculty/Staff Perform the following procedure to enable your students to see the name of your class:
    Log in → Select the course name → Course settings → Switch the course status to enabled if disabled → Manage Students → Update Student Information
I cannot perform Provisional Registration to use the LMS.
Read [How to do Provisional Registration].
Temporary registration may fail for the following reasons.

  • The faculty member teaching the class has not enabled the setting to accept temporary registration.
  • Faculty/Staff You are not authorized to attend the class (you cannot register yourself to a class you are teaching).
I don’t receive any notifications from the teacher of my class.
Open [Profile (Message Forwarding)] from ⚙ (gear mark) and check that it is enabled. You will not receive notifications in the following cases.

  • If you made an error inputting your email address.
  • If the domain @ynu.ac.jp is blocked.

* Some are sent immediately and some are sent on time (around 7 am).

A message asking me to log in again appeared when I took a break from my work in the Learning Management System.
The Learning Management System terminates the session if no operation is performed for 2 hours. Make sure to always log off from the system by pressing the logoff button after you finish using it.
I logged in to the system as a student, but the subject I am teaching is not displayed.

The Learning Management System is designed with the idea that faculty members cannot be students in their own classes.

Even if you switch to “Student” in [Change Role], you will not be able to use your own lectures as a student.
Please use the “Student VIEW” function or use the “YNU Login ID for LMS (Student authority)“.

I want to register a student as a TA, but I can't find him/her in the search.

Is the student registered in the lecture as an enrolled student?

It is not permissible to register for the same lecture with multiple privileges.

Please delete the registration as a student, and then register as a TA.