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Free Microsoft Office

YNU has signed a comprehensive agreement with Microsoft that enables students and faculty members to install and use the latest version of Microsoft Office (Microsoft365 Apps for Enterprise) on their personal PCs while they are enrolled at YNU. To use this software, install it yourself according to the following procedure.

  1. After installation, the license is authenticated with Microsoft once a month via the Internet (users do not need to perform this task manually). For this reason, make sure to connect to the Internet and use Microsoft Office at least once a month.
  2. You will lose the license once you graduate from or leave YNU, which will render you unable to use the copy of Microsoft Office you installed.


  1. Log in to Email Service(YNU Mail account).Click here to find out more about the email service.
    Office365 sign in
  2. Select [ Install Office ] > [ Office 365 apps ].
    Office install button
  3. Follow the displayed instructions to complete the installation.
    Office install run