Free Microsoft Office

YNU has signed a comprehensive agreement with Microsoft that enables students and faculty members to install and use the latest version of Microsoft Office (Microsoft365 Apps for Enterprise) on their personal PCs while they are enrolled at YNU.

Installable devices

Up to 5 PCs, tablets, and smartphones (15 in total)

Faculty and staff

Up to 5 PCs, tablets, and smartphones owned by university assets and individuals (15 in total)

  • After graduation or retirement, your license will be lost and you will no longer be able to use the installed Microsoft Office.
For PCs shared by multiple people (faculty and staff only)

Installation using a YNU email account is limited to personally owned PCs.

For shared PCs, apply for the product from the Microsoft product installation application (for university PCs).



  1. Students use the student YNU email account [@], and faculty/staff use the main YNU email account [last name - first name - **] to sign in to Office 365.
    Office365 sign in
  2. Select [ Install Office ] > [ Office 365 apps ].
    Office install button
  3. Follow the displayed instructions to complete the installation.


Install on iOS / Android

Each Office application can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Please sign in using your YNU email account.

[Note] When you sign in to the OneDrive application for the first time, if you see a selection screen for signing in with "OneDrive" or "OneDrive for Business", select "OneDrive for Business".



Please read Microsoft's official user manual carefully for usage instructions.

Since the students of the faculty / staff tenant are guest users, some functions are restricted.



I'm having trouble signing in

After installation, the license is authenticated with Microsoft once a month via the Internet (users do not need to perform this task manually). For this reason, make sure to connect to the Internet and use Microsoft Office at least once a month.

Activation problem

If your desktop app says “View Only (Unlicensed)” or “**** (Unlicensed Product)”, your license credentials may be corrupted. Try the solution in the recovery manual.

The Outlook app on your smartphone tends to fail during phone authentication, so switch the authentication method from phone to app. Click here to add/change MFA.