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Rules for Using the University’s Information

Yokohama National University prioritizes the promotion of information technology in all its education and research activities as well as in university operations and always strives to achieve the advanced and leading-edge use of information. As a result, the educational and research value of the information held by the university has increased every year. For this reason, the threat of information leakage due to theft or unauthorized activity and the threat of information loss due to disaster are even higher than before, and we are required to ensure and further improve information security.

To maintain and further secure the trust of Japanese and international researchers and educators as well as the Japanese public, Yokohama National University must maintain even higher levels of security in information sending, exchange, and management.

Yokohama National University provides advanced and secure information services to all members of the university community and requests each member to comply with the following rules:

Basic Rules

  1. Do not use the university's information systems for purposes other than activities related to education, research, and university operations (e.g., do not use the systems for religious purposes, political aims, or commercial gain).
  2. Do not allow others to use your user ID.
  3. Do not use equipment other than that authorized for use.
  4. Do not take any action that could interfere with the maintenance and regular operation of the information network.
  5. Do not take any action offensive to public order or morals, engage in libel or slander against a third party, violate a third party's privacy, or infringe a third party's copyrights, patent rights, or other intellectual property rights related to software, etc.
  6. Do not engage in violations prescribed in the Act on the Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access or other laws or regulations.
  7. Do not Carry out the systematic downloading of electronic journals.
  8. Do not engage in any action using malicious programs or data that could damage the information network systems and equipment or interfere with the operation of other university information network systems.

With the rapid growth of the Internet, the threat of virus attacks and unauthorized access is increasing today more and more, and individuals and organizations can end up being not just victims but also becoming perpetrators that cause harm to society. For this reason, we expect everyone to be fully aware of this risk and comply with the items stipulated in the university's Basic Policy on Information Systems Operations .

IMPORTANT : Respect Copyright

There can be grave consequences for those who engage in illegal sharing of copyrighted material with P2P software such as Winny and BitTorrent etc. Specifically the following:

  1. Downloading of any copyrighted material without permission
  2. Uploading of any copyrighted material without permission

Copyrighted material includes any intellectual property such as music, pictures, photographs, illustrations, documents, films, video clips, games, software, etc.
When we get a violation alert, we’ll check the log information and detect the relevant user.