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Email addresses for students

Each undergraduate and graduate student at YNU as well as each graduate student from the United Graduate School at Tokyo Gakugei University who is assigned to YNU will receive a YNU Mail.

YNU Mail Account (Email account service)

YNU Mail Account is a service that provides email addresses that students can use from the moment they are admitted to YNU. The service enables emails to be sent and received from YNU’s official domain, ‘,’ via Office 365 for Education, a free email system provided by Microsoft for educational institutions.

How to check your assigned YNU Mail and initial password
Log in to Account Management System and go to [Profile].
Rule for assigning YNU Mail address
“ Surname - First name - Two random letters @ ”
URL for signing in to Office365

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication Setting Guide

Change how you do additional verification

Sign in to YNU Mail using your password and second verification method.

Go to [ My account ] > [ Security & privacy ] > [ Additional security verification ] > [ Update your phone numbers used for account security].

Self-service Password Reset

Before you forget your Office365 password, configure self-service password reset.

By doing so, even if you forget your password, you can reset it if you specify your contact information and answer your secret question. Configure the reset on the profile registration page.

Access at . Then open [Profile] > [Set up self service password reset] and follow the instructions to complete the configuration.

If you have forgotten the password
In the sign-in window, click [ Can’t access your account? ] or [Forgot my password]to complete the self-service password reset.
If you cannot reset the password by yourself, bring your student ID to our office on the second floor of the ITSC.

Installing Microsoft Office

Installing Microsoft Office

For more details about YNU Mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Emails from senders do not reach me.

Emails flagged as spam by the spam filtering system will not reach you. Check if the emails have been placed in your spam folder.