Configuring YNU-WiFi on Mac

Perform the following settings to connect to YNU-WiFi or eduroam on Mac.

faculty and staff Please use SSDI [YNU-STAFF-ONLY].



For the ID and password, set the YNU login ID and its password.

* When connecting to eduroam, please add "" to the ID. (Example:
* The setting screen may differ depending on the OS version. The image is for BigSur 11.3.1.


  1. Open [System Preferences] from the Dock.
  2. Click the [Network] icon in the [System Preferences] window.
  3. Click [Turn Wi-Fi On] if [Wi-Fi] is Off.
  4. Click [YNU-WiFi] under [Network Name].
  5. Enter your YNU Login ID and password, then click [Join].

    If you do not proceed to the next step
    Make sure that your ID and password are correct.
    If the certificate is not verified automatically, set it manually.

    1. Unlock and open [Advanced…].
    2. Click [+].
    3. Click [Show Networks] and select [YNU-WiFi].
    4. Select [WPA2 Enterprise] for security, enter your ID and password, and click [OK].
    5. Confirm that YNU-Wi-Fi has been added, and click [OK].
  6. Click [Continue]. (The information hidden in the filled area depends on the institution.)
  7. Enter your Mac user ID and password, then click [Update Settings].


Delete connection settings

Before you can reconfigure your network, you need to remove the associated network settings.

  1. Unlock and open [Advanced…].
  2. Select the relevant SSID (YNU-WiFi, eduroam, YNU-STAFF-ONLY) and click [-] to delete it.


If you checked "Remember this network" in step 5, your sign-in information will be recorded in "Keychain".

If you change your password, you must remove your sign-in information.

  1. Press "Command ⌘ + Spacebar" to display the Spotlight search screen, enter "Keychain" and select Keychain to launch it.
  2. Open Default Keychain> Login> Password and delete "YNU-WiFi".
  3. Turn off WiFi and then turn it on again to connect to "YNU-WiFi".