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Configuring YNU-WiFi on Windows 8 / 10

Perform the following procedure to configure YNU-WiFi connection on Windows 8 / 10.
Note: The example here uses Windows 10.


  1. Open the desktop and right-click the network icon in the taskbar to select [Open Network and Sharing Center]. (If the network icon is not displayed, the wireless LAN adapter may not be working properly.)
  2. Once the [Network and Sharing Center] window opens, select [Set up a new connection or network].
  3. Select [Manually connect to a wireless network] and click [Next].
  4. Type in ‘YNU-WiFi’ as the network name.
    The combination of WPA2 Enterprise/AES will be applied for security and encryption.
    Clear the ‘Start this connection automatically’ box.
    Click ‘Next’.
  5. Once the message ‘Successfully added YNU-WiFi’ appears, select ‘Change connection settings’.
    (An error will occur if  YNU-WiFi has already been set up. In this case, select ‘Use the existing network’ and go to the step 13.)
  6. Select the ‘Security’ tab. Clear the ‘Remember my credentials for this connection each time I’m logged on’ box. Click the ‘Settings’ button after selecting ‘Protected EAP (PEAP)’.
  7. Clear the ‘Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate’ box under ‘Protected EAP Properties’.
    Make sure that ‘Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)’ is selected under ‘Select Authentication method’.
    Clear the ‘Enable Fast Reconnect’ box.
    Click ‘Configure’.
  8. Clear the ‘Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any).’ box and click ‘OK’.
  9. Close the ‘Protected EAP Properties’ window by clicking ‘OK’.
  10. Click the ‘Advanced settings’ button.
  11. In the ‘Advanced settings’ window, check the ‘Specify authentication mode’ box and select ‘User authentication’. Click the ‘OK’ button to close the ‘Advanced settings’
  12. Click the ‘OK’ button to close the ‘YNU-WiFi Wireless Network Properties’ windows one after another.
  13. Left-click the network icon in the taskbar. Left-click on ‘YNU-WiFi’ and click ‘Connect’.
  14. Sign in with your YNU Login ID.