About changing the authentication method of Adobe products

Previously, Adobe applications were installed at the university with serial activation.

However, for the following reasons, we have switched to Adobe ID authentication (hereinafter referred to as "ID authentication"),so please apply from 【How to use Adobe products(Adobe製品の利用)】.

  • This is because Adobe has a policy of terminating the serial license authentication method, and by contract, the university's serial license authentication must be terminated in March 2021.
  • This is because serial activation can only be used up to Adobe CC 2018 (ID activation can be used with the latest version of Adobe CC 2020).

Applications installed by serial license authentication, including those already installed, must be uninstalled by March 2021.


【What is ID authentication】

This method authenticates with an ID and password when using the application, not when installing it.
For the operation of the university, it is necessary to authenticate with a YNU mail account (for faculty and staff, surname-first name-two letters @ ynu.ac.jp).There are two types of ID authentication, and the programs to be installed are different.



  • ID authentication requires signing in to Office 365 with a YNU mail account when using Adobe applications, so it cannot be used on devices that are not connected to the Internet. In addition, we are blocking sign-in for YNU mail accounts for which the initial settings for multi-factor authentication have not been completed. If you are blocked, please contact the Information Infrastructure Center before using the Adobe application.
  • When switching to ID authentication, it is necessary to uninstall the application and delete the license information on each PC.
    There may be a problem when switching, and the time required may be longer than the normal installation work, so please apply and work with plenty of time.
  • Only faculty members (excluding part-time lecturers and faculty members who belong to other than Tokiwadai campus) can apply for installation. Students cannot apply.
  • If you want to install the [Shared Device License] application on your PC in a laboratory, please inform the user that you need to sign in with your YNU mail account to use the product.