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About the use of Office 365 “Teams” between faculty and staff-students

Until now, it was not possible to use the Office 365 collaboration tool "Teams" with the student's YNU mail account, but since there are requests between faculty and staff and students to use Office 365 Teams, there are requests.

We have made it possible to use a function called guest access to invite students to the team created by faculty and staff as members.

There are some restrictions compared to using Teams with users in the same @ ynu.ac.jp domain, but please take advantage of it.


The following are precautions when using Teams with students.
Please be sure to check the contents before using.

  • Please strictly observe the following to prevent leakage of confidential information.
    • Create a new team instead of using an existing team.
    • Please do not store confidential information such as personal information files within the team.
    • Please do not invite users other than @ ynu.jp (YNU mail for students) with guest access.
  • Students invited to the team will be able to search for email addresses within the team, so please obtain the consent of each student in advance before adding members.
  • Unlike basic services such as e-mail, the information infrastructure center will provide limited support. Please understand beforehand that we may not be able to provide sufficient answers even if you make inquiries.
  • If any trouble occurs between users, the Information Infrastructure Center will not be aware of it, so the administrator who created the team should be in charge of solving the trouble.
  • Please note that some features within Teams are subject to change without notice.


Follow the steps below to invite students to join the team.

  1. Faculty and staff create a new team in Teams.
  2. The administrator who created the team adds the e-mail address (~@ynu.jp) of the invited student as a member.
  3. Invited students can click the link and follow the steps to complete registration as a member of the team.
  4. Students who become members can use Teams using a browser or a dedicated application (PC / smartphone).