About Adobe’s free student license (at home) (extended period)

This is no longer available on 8/20. Please note that Adobe will send you an email saying "Access to the All Apps plan has been revoked" at the end.


To combat the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), Adobe has begun providing educational institutions with the ability for their students to temporarily access Creative Cloud from home.

We would like to inform you that our students can also use this service. Please read the following notes and refer to the manual before using.

Adobe Home Student Manual


  • The Information Infrastructure Center will not support this matter even if an error or unclear point occurs during installation or use. Please refer to the help page etc. described in the manual and solve it yourself.
  • It has been announced that this function will be provided as of July 1st and until August 20th. Please note that it will not be available after the period.
* Faculty and staff should apply for a user-specified license from the Information Infrastructure Center website and install it without using this function.


Access to Creative Cloud during school holidays by COVID-19 (Adobe official announcement)