9/30 Notice of IT Service Center Mediasite Server Abolition

Thank you for your cooperation in the operation of the IT Service center system. We have already reported at the related meetings, so I think that many people are aware of it, but we will inform you again.

At 17:15 on September 30, 2020 (Wednesday), the Mediasite server (on-demand video distribution server) operated by the ITSC will be abolished.


If you have been using the Mediasite server and would like to continue using on-demand video distribution, please use one of the following.

[1] Office365 Microsoft Stream

[2] Zoom enterprise license cloud recording function

[3] An on-demand video distribution server (ESVOD) that has been put into operation by the Faculty of Science and Engineering and is being deployed throughout the university


The use of [1] and [2] is described in the "YNU Distance Learning Guide" distributed to each faculty member in the spring semester.

The usage of ESVOD in [3] is as follows.


[Access to ESVOD]

ITSC website www . itsc . ynu . ac . jp (with spaces)
==> "サービス一覧"Service List
==> "情報基盤センター外の全学向けシステム"Systems provided outside of the ITSC
==> "オンデマンド動画配信サーバ(ESVOD)"On-Demand Video Distribution Server (ESVOD)


[Procedure after access]

(1) Log in with your YNU login ID (the same ID / password as the class support system).
(2) Click the "Upload without Subtile" button to move to the upload screen.
(3) Enter the video title and select the video file to upload.
(4) Click "File Upload" to upload the file to the server.
(5) Obtain the generated video publishing address (URL) and make a note of it.
(6) Add the URL to the Leaning Management System by adding teaching materials ==> materials teaching materials ==> adding external materials.
(7) Wait for about 20 minutes, and when the Status becomes "Processing completed", you will be able to watch the video.