For graduates and graduates of September( including those who go on to graduate school internally)

This is a notice about the validity period of the YNU login ID and YNU mail account for current students.


About the expiration date of YNU login ID

Since the YNU login ID will be deleted after graduation / completion, services such as YNU Wi-Fi and class support system cannot be used.

YNU login ID expiration date: September 30, 2020

[Note] Services provided by companies other than the IT Service Center, such as academic affairs information systems, may no longer be accessible.


About YNU mail account

After graduation / completion, the YNU email account will be deleted, so you cannot use it including your email address.

YNU mail account expiration date: September 30, 2020

E-mail data, data saved in the cloud with OneDrive, etc. will be deleted, so please save the necessary data to another location by the expiration date.


In addition, the license of "Office 365 ProPlus" etc. installed from Office 365 on your personal computer will be automatically canceled within one month from the expiration date and you will not be able to use it.


About security software

Trend Micro's security software (Apex One, OfficeScan, etc.), which is provided free of charge to current students, is a license violation for use after graduation or completion, so please uninstall it by yourself.

• Mac version: Uninstall using the uninstaller . Please download the uninstaller while you are in school.

• Windows version: Please uninstall from [Settings]> [Apps and Features].

• Android version: Please delete the application.


For those who go on to graduate school internally

YNU login ID

When going on to graduate school, everyone will switch to a new one. The start date for using the new account is October 1, 2020 (scheduled).

YNU email address
For those who have their student ID number before going on to graduate school in the [Previous student ID number] field of the student ID registration card on the admission procedure documents, the e-mail address before going on to graduate school can be used as it is without any suspension period.

If you do not list it, your e-mail address will be new and you will not be able to use the one before going on to graduate school. The new YNU email address will be available from October 1st (scheduled).

If you have forgotten to enter the [previous student ID number] on your student ID registration card, please apply by September 30 from the continuous use application button below.



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