About specification change of video distribution service “Stream” of Office 365

Microsoft has announced that there will be major changes in the specifications of the Office 365 video distribution service Stream from this year to 2021.

As a first step, we will inform you that the following changes will be made.


[ Change time ]

March 1, 2021


[ Change point ]

Currently, calls / meetings recorded within Teams are automatically uploaded to Stream (except for some accounts), but the upload destination is changed to SharePoint or OneDrive. For details on the save destination, refer to the following manual.

Furthermore, it is already possible to stream videos directly to students by issuing a link to the file saved in OneDrive without uploading to Stream of ynu.jp with the Stream dedicated account operated by each department.(You can set a password)

However, due to technical specifications restrictions, we cannot issue links that can be published to students for videos stored in SharePoint.
Therefore, you need to move the file to OneDrive before issuing the link.


[ Reference material ]

Recording flow (overall view)


[ Future specification changes ]

Stream as a streaming server will be discontinued and replaced with a new service such as OneDrive. Details are currently unknown and will be announced as soon as they are known.