About preparation of notebook PC for students enrolled in 2021

In the ultra-advanced information society of the future, society is seeking skills that can be utilized in its own learning and knowledge creation by actively using services that utilize digital technology and information devices.

Therefore, new students studying at YNU Digital Campus * need to prepare a Windows 10 notebook that they can carry around on campus.

* YNU Digital Campus is a new next-generation education and research environment that combines cyberspace and real space by actively utilizing digital technology with the aim of accelerating and developing education and research in the information-oriented society.

1. If you need PC support

Purchased at Yokohama National University Consumers' Co-op Purchasing Store : Please refer to the new enrollment supplies purchase guidebook 2021 "PC for Yokokoku students".

Inquiries: University Hall  Purchased Books Department (see the last page of the guidebook above)

2. If you can manage your PC and don't need support

  1. Buy your own laptop : Recommended specifications are as follows and are common to all faculties.This specification is just a guide, so your PC does not have to meet all the specifications. In addition, please judge for yourself about the functions and specifications that are not described.

    OS Windows 10 (Pro or Home)
    Screen size 12.3-inch (1920 x 1080) or larger
    CPU 11th generation Core i5 or above
    Memory capacity 8GB or more
    SSD 128GB or more
    Interface HDMI terminal (USB-HDMI conversion adapter can also be used)
    Camera (front)
    Weight around 1kg
    Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11 n or higher)
    Battery life 15 hours or more

  2. Use a laptop you already own (including operating systems other than Windows) : If you feel that the performance is insufficient, such as slow operation, after actually using it in the lecture after enrollment, take the above measures 1 or 2-ⅱ.

Products that can be used free of charge after enrollment (no purchase required)


Microsoft365 Apps for enterprise
Available products Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, Access and more.
* Some software cannot be used on Mac.
Target device ① Windows PC or Mac ② Tablet ③ Smartphone
Up to 5 units can be installed each


Trend Micro Security Software (Apex One)
Target device Devices that can be brought on campus (however, iPhone, iPad, etc. are not applicable)
* Cannot be installed on a computer used at home.
Target OS Windows, MacOS, Android


On-campus Wireless LAN (YNU Wi-Fi)

It is located in major locations on campus. If you are using YNU Wi-Fi, install Trend Micro's ApexOne immediately after connecting to YNU Wi-Fi for the first time.

Battery charging

There is no power supply in the auditorium.You can charge it in a shared space, but you cannot occupy the outlet for a long time.
Charge at home.