[Support started] “TrendMicro ApexOne” for Mac OS Monterey(12)

Apex One for Mac is now available on MacOS Monterey (12).


This applies to installation packages redistributed after January 5, 2022.

If you are upgrading to Monterey (12), please uninstall ApexOne obtained before November 11, 2021 and then reinstall ApexOne using the new installation package.


The distribution method has changed due to the restoration. Please check the following news for details.

About failure occurrence related to ApexOne for Mac (Recovered)


Past information:2021/11/5

The Mac version of Trend Micro ApexOne distributed by ITSC will start supporting Monterey (12.0) from January to February 2022.

Support status of macOS Monterey (12.0) (Trend Micro official)

If you are using Apex One for Mac, please wait a moment before upgrading to mac OS Monterey (12.0).

If you upgrade and have problems with ApexOne, please uninstall ApexOne.