About failure occurrence related to ApexOne for Mac (Recovered)

ApexOne for Mac related failures (new installation not possible / communication with management server not possible) that occurred after 2021/11/11 have been recovered.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to ApexOne for Mac users for a long time.


To use ApexOne for Mac successfully, you need to uninstall ApexOne for Mac, which is currently installed on your PC, and then download and reinstall it from the site specified by ITSC.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.


From this time, the download site for the Mac version of Apex One's installation package and uninstall package has been changed to a dedicated site provided by Trend Micro instead of the management server operated by ITSC.

For this reason, the install / uninstall operation can be performed off-campus, but since the package should be restricted to distribution only to faculty and staff, the procedure has been changed as follows.
(1)Sign in to Office 365 using your YNU email account (2) Open the PDF file shared on OneDrive (3) Access the URL of the listed download site


Detailed installation and uninstallation instructions for ApexOne for Mac can be found on the following pages.

1) How to uninstall ApexOne Agent

2) How to install ApexOneAgent



Past information:2021/11/11

Currently, the ApexOne server managed by this center has failed and Mac devices cannot connect to the ApexOne server. (Windows PC is not affected)

The ApexOne definition file is delivered directly from Trend Micro’s server to your Mac device, so it’s okay to use it, but be aware that your Mac device will display a “Unable to connect to server” message.

We will notify you on the ITSC website when the failure is recovered.