【For Faculty and Staff】ynu.jp Tenant Forms

About ynu.jp Tenant Forms Application

This is an application for faculty and staff to use Microsoft Forms (a tool for creating surveys, etc.) provided by Office365 for student tenants (ynu.jp).
If you can use ynu.ac.jp tenant (no application required), please use that tenant.

 ▼What is a tenant…
   Not exactly, but think of it as a group separated by a domain.
   For security reasons, the University operates with two tenants.
   Because each tenant is a separate entity, there are various restrictions
   on Forms, Teams, etc.
   For example, “Students are not allowed to use the faculty/staff Teams.
   For example, students are treated as guests when they join faculty/staff

     Tenants for students:《@ynu.jp》
     Tenants for faculty and staff:《@ynu.ac.jp》


【Notes on application】

    Faculty members (limited to full-time lecturers and above) may apply as individuals, and full-time staff members of section chief or above may apply as a group such as a section.

  • Faculty members … Please sign in to Office365 with the user's account (First name - Last name - Check digit 2 characters@ynu.ac.jp)and submit the application.
  • Staff … Please sign in to Office365 with your group account, such as the email address for your section, and submit an application.
  • We will confirm your continued use of Office365 once a year. (If you do not apply for the continuation of use, your account will be deleted.)