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YNU Mail uses "Office 365" provided by Microsoft, and depending on the user, in addition to the mail service, various functions such as data storage, use of Microsoft Office, and SNS tools are provided.

In addition, it is a cloud service that allows you to use various functions that can be accessed from anywhere if you have an Internet connection environment, and it is also possible to share data between users.

About YNU mail account

for students      《@ynu.jp》

This is a YNU email account given to all new students and is an email address that you can use while enrolled.

* After graduation or withdrawal, your account will be deleted and you will not be able to use it.
* Accounts will be deleted at the end of the enrollment period for non-undergraduate and graduate students, as well as course students and research students.
for faculty and staff《@ynu.ac.jp》

This is a faculty / staff account and is provided with a YNU login ID to use each system on campus.

* After retirement, your account will be deleted along with your YNU login ID.
for groups       《@ynu.ac.jp》

This is an account for inquiries and various contacts used by faculty and staff.

Click here for how to apply

* Once a year, the IT Service Center will ask you if you would like to continue the service.
The available capacity is 100GB per address (50GB for group accounts), and the capacity that can be sent and received is 150MB per message.

There are the following restrictions on sending emails.

  • Sending limit per email: Up to 500 addresses
  • Sending limit per day: Up to 10,000 addresses

You can configure forwarding to multiple destinations, but the number of forwarding addresses is limited to 10.

Transfer within the same domain (within "ynu.jp" or "ynu.ac.jp") is only once.

For other limits, see Exchange Online Limits.

Sign in

URL for signing in to Office365


  • Please note that you cannot sign in from the Office 365 sign-in URL displayed in the search results of the search site.
  • The first time you sign in, you will need to update your initial password. Follow the instructions on the screen to update.
  • Select "Work or School Account" on the sign-in screen. Do not select "Personal Account".
  • You cannot use one browser to sign in to multiple email accounts at the same time. Be sure to sign out before signing in with another account.

Self password reset

By registering your contact information in advance, you can reset your password by yourself even if you do not know your password.

* If you have not set self-password reset and have forgotten your password, please check here.

Changing the display name

Due to the specifications of Office365, users cannot change the display name of YNU mail by themselves.
If you wont to change the display name, please apply using the form below.
Changes will be made within approximately one week after the application is accepted.

  • Please access the application form when you are signed in to Office 365 using the YNU email address whose display name you want to change.
  • If you want to change the display name of the group account etc., the person in charge or the contact person should apply.
  • Please access the application form when you are signed in to Office 365 with your YNU email address.
  • You can only apply for a change if the display name is the same as your email address.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The first time you log in to YNU Mail, you need to set up multi-factor authentication. If you want to add or change authentication, see the second half of the manual.

* If you can't reconfigure MFA yourself (that is, you can't authenticate using both phone and app methods), please check here.

Application password

If you want to use an app that does not support multi-factor authentication, you need to set the created application password.

How to add / remove application password

Follow the steps below to create and set a new “App Password”. Also, use it appropriately for each of multiple applications.

Delete the app password of the app you no longer use.

  1. Sign in to YNU mail and click [Icon] on the upper right> [View Account] .
  2. Select [Security Info](* Authentication required).
  3. Click [+ Add Method] to add, or [Delete] to delete.

You can give a name to the password you created. You can use this name to manage passwords for each application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Emails from senders do not reach me.

Emails flagged as spam by the spam filtering system will not reach you. Check if the emails have been placed in your spam folder.