YNU Login ID -test

A YNU login ID is required to use services such as this center.

The department staff will be in charge of the procedure for starting the use of faculty members (or equivalent persons), so please contact the General Affairs and Academic Affairs Division to which you belong.

The usage authority (available services) varies depending on the status, so please check the details below.

System access authority table by user

Services that require YNU Login ID

Other YNU login ID

Please see here for information other than the usual ID given to faculty members and students.

Please apply directly to the center using the web form below, not the office work of the department.

YNU login ID used by outsiders
For a limited time Participants in academic societies and seminars (such as official university events) can use the ITSC management PC and YNU Wi-Fi for a limited time.
For collaborative researchers Collaborative researchers accepted by YNU will be able to use the campus network (authentication network and YNU Wi-Fi).


YNU login ID used for Learning Management System
For LMS only Faculty and staff can use it as an ID with student authority in the Learning Management System in addition to their own ID.
For outgoing calls from LMS staff addresses When sending an email (sending a notification) from the LMS, the clerical staff can send the email using the "department address" instead of the individual email address. The ID is not a teacher and has "student" and "send email" permissions.