Service List

Use the following links to go to the login screen for each service. To learn about a service, select it from the menu bar at the top of the page.

YNU login ID

Email system


  • YNU Wi-Fi
  • eduroam
  • Matrix Authentication
  • NII FileSender
  • SSL-VPN faculty and staff only (excluding part-time teachers)By connecting with SSL-VPN, you will be able to view the following Web contents from off-campus.
    ・ Information for faculty and staff (page on the official university website)
    ・ Electronic journal (Please check with the library for details)
    The service was terminated on September 30, 2020, but the service has been resumed only for the desired faculty and staff (excluding part-time lecturers). If you would like to use the service, please apply using the form below.

    1. Multi-factor authentication is required for this SSL-VPN. The method of multi-factor authentication is [ID / PW] + [one-time password]. The one-time password will be sent to YNU Mail (main email address).
    2. Not available in Internet Explorer for technical reasons.
    3. It takes about a week for the application to be approved.
      SSL-VPN User Manual (only Japanese)

ITSC PCs and Printing system

Education and research assistance

Installation OS and software

Systems provided outside of the ITSC