YNU Login ID

The services provided by the Information Technology Service Center (ITSC) are available to everyone with a YNU Login ID (user ID and password).

Services that require YNU Login ID:

Various types of restricted YNU Login IDs

Check the following links if you want an account with service restrictions.


Using your YNU Login ID


Students with a student ID card or another ID issued by YNU
Upon admission, a YNU Login ID and initial password are automatically assigned.
Add one character to your university ID in the following manner. If your university ID contains any letters, enter them in lowercase.

undergraduate students b + student ID
graduate students d + student ID
credited auditors, auditors, special audit students, research students, special research student and trainees s + student ID
Student without any student ID card or another ID issued by YNU (e.g., a student of the United Graduate School)
Consult with your Student Affairs Section in your department.


Creating a new account
In order to use services for the first time, you must submit the YNU Login ID Application.
Submit it to the general or Student Affairs Section in your department.
Continued use
  • Regardless of whether you have a full- or part-time position, you can use your account for the term of the employment contract you have signed with YNU.
  • Those who have been enrolled in the university until retirement age and become emeritus professors can continue to use the account they used during their tenure for five years after retirement.
Changing registered information
If you need to change the registered information for your YNU Login ID due to a transfer or any other reason, please send an email to request the update. Requests are accepted from one month in advance of a planned transfer.
Submit this request to the general or Student Affairs Section in your department.

Deleting your account
  • As a general rule, YNU Login IDs are deleted one day after faculty members leave their positions (by retirement or transfer). Account use may be extended up to one month for an appropriate reason. Contact the general or Student Affairs Section in your department if you wish to use your account for an extended period of time.
  • If you wish to delete your account while still employed or immediately after you leave your position, submit a YNU Login ID Termination Application to the General Affairs Section in your department.
    Once deleted, your ID and email address cannot be reused for one year.