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YNU students, faculty and staff members having a YNU User Account can use the YNU-WiFi.

How to use the YNU-WiFi service (ITSC Wireless LAN)

  1. Change the network setting of your PC/mobile device to "Auto-Configuration".
  2. Select ITSC Wireless LAN station.
  3. Enter your YNU Login ID and password.

Can't Connect to the YNU Wi-Fi?

If you change your password, clear your network settings.
If your device remembers your old password, the connection may fail because the device may attempt to connect to Wi-Fi with the old password even after you update the password.

In Windows, open [ Network and Internet settings ] > [ Wi-Fi ] > [ Manage known networks ], then delete the YNU Wi-Fi network. When you next attempt to connect to the YNU Wi-Fi network, you will be prompted to enter your user name and password.
Likewise, if the connection fails when using any device running Mac OS X, iOS, or Android, delete the Wi-Fi settings and try again.

Connecting to the Wi-Fi on MacOS and Mobile Devices

Connect on MacOS

Connect on Mobile Devices

Setting YNU-WiFi

A setting may be necessary depending on a device. In that case, please refer to the following.

Authentication method WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x) + PEAP (MSCHAPv2)
Encryption AES
Server certificate Not used
Terminal (user) certificate Not used
Network settings Auto-configuration
User ID YNU user account
User password The same password as your YNU user account
Configuration of wireless LAN devices Windows
Mac OS
Wireless LAN access points Wireless LAN access points