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From October 5, 2020, support services at the office counter have resumed.

Password unknown / multi-factor authentication initialization and resetting can be solved online from here.


Please refer to our web site before making an inquiry. For more information not listed, please contact the following or visit the office on the 2nd floor of the IT Service Center.

Office hours

8:30-12:45, 13:45-17:00 on weekdays

* Inquiries on supplies of printers in computer labs and money cards becoming stuck in machines
University Hall Store, YNU Cooperative
Phone: +81-45-335-1126 or Extension: 2243
Note: In the e-mail addresses below, replace any two-byte characters with single-byte characters.


Inquiry Form for studentsInquiry Form for students

Faculty / Staff

Inquiries on user IDs, passwords, and email addresses

Education System Coordinator:
Extension: 4394

Inquiries on the network and security

Network Coordinator:
Extension: 4391

Inquiries on PCs, multifunction printers, computer labs, and other equipment managed by the ITSC

Classroom Coordinator:
Extension: 4390

Inquiries on the learning aid system and web survey service

Education and Research Assistance Coordinator:
Extension: 4393

Inquiries on other services

Administrative Coordinator:
Extension: 4390

Note: To make an inquiry over the phone, dial +81-45-339 followed by the extension number as indicated below.