About updating to Windows 11 (Updated Dec. 23, 2021)

The "Trend Micro ApexOne" distributed by this center has announced that it should refrain from updating to Windows 11 because it is not compatible with Windows 11, but Trend Micro's support schedule has been significantly delayed. Therefore, treat it as follows.

  • When ITSC installed ApexOne on multiple PCs upgraded to Windows 11 and checked the operation, no problems were found so far. This does not guarantee proper operation, but it is okay to upgrade to Windows 11 at your own risk.
  • Please note that ITSC cannot support ApexOne related issues when updating to Windows 11.
  • We will notify you again on this website when ApexOne is ready to support Windows 11. Therefore, if you are worried that ApexOne will work properly on Windows 11, please refrain from updating to Windows 11 until it is announced.


Previous information:2021/10/04

The update for Windows 11 will be available from October 5th, but please refrain from updating to Windows 11 for the time being unless it is necessary for education or research.

  • ITSC cannot handle any troubles during updating.
  • Support for “Windows 11” in [Trend Micro Apex One] distributed by ITSC was posted on the Trend Micro website from October to December 2021, so it has not been confirmed to work at this time.

Trend Micro will clearly indicate the expected response time and will notify you again on the website when the center response (ApexOne management server response) is complete.