Information for those who go on to internal studies

Those who go on to internal studies (undergraduate → first half of doctoral course, first half of doctoral course → second half of doctoral course)

YNU login ID

Since the student ID number will change when you go on to internal studies, everyone will switch to a new ID.

The start date for the new account is April 5, 2022. Please note that both old and new IDs cannot be used between April 1st and April 4th.


YNU email address

● Those who have entered the current student ID number in the "Previous Student ID Number" field of the admission procedure documents
→ You can continue to use your email address (There is no suspension period).

● Those who have not filled in
→ A new email address will be given and the current one will be deleted. The new YNU email address will be available from April 5th. If you forget to fill in the "Previous Student ID Number" field, please apply by March 31 using the continuous use application form below.
* You can apply even if you don't know whether or not to fill in.


If you have any questions, please use the inquiry form.

For graduates and completes, check this information.