Email addresses of faculty and staff members

YNU Mail Account ""

Full-time, part-time, and temporary administrative staff should consult their general affair. Other faculty and staff members are requested to file an Application for YNU User Account. YNU email addresses are assigned in accordance with this application. For the rules on email address assignment, refer to this page.

How to check your assigned YNU Mail and initial password
Log in to YNU Account Management system and go to [Profile].
URL for signing in to Office365

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication Setting Guide

* If you can’t reconfigure MFA yourself (that is, you can’t authenticate using both phone and app methods), please check here.

Self-service Password Reset

Before you forget your Office365 password, configure self-service password reset.

By doing so, even if you forget your password, you can reset it if you specify your contact information and answer your secret question.

Configuration of self-reset settings

  1. Sign in to YNU Mail using your password and second verification method.
  2. Then open [View Account] > [Security Info] and perform Multi-Factor Authentication.
  3. Click [+ Add Method] to set up your contact information, secret question, etc

*This page is the same as the Multi-Factor Authentication setting screen.

If you have forgotten the password
In the sign-in window, click [ Can’t access your account? ] or [Forgot my password]to complete the self-service password reset.

* If you cannot reset the password by yourself, please check here.

For more details about YNU Mail

Sending a message to students via YNU LMS

Faculty and staff members can send a message to students via YNU LMS (Only accessible from campus).

Spam Filter

YNU takes tacking spam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emails from senders do not reach me.

Emails flagged as spam by the spam filtering system will not reach you. Check if the emails have been placed in your spam folder.


About changing the display name of YNU mail (Office365)

Due to the specifications of Office365, users cannot change the display name of YNU mail by themselves.
If you wont to change the display name, please apply using the form below.
Changes will be made within approximately one week after the application is accepted.

  • Please access the application form when you are signed in to Office 365 using the YNU email address whose display name you want to change.
  • If you want to change the display name of the group account etc., the person in charge or the contact person should apply.